Smoke and Fire dampers are located at the point where ducts meet a rated barrier and when active, prohibit air flow from one side of the barrier to the other.  Testing of these units is required at installation, 1 year after installation, every 6 years in hospitals and 4 years in all other buildings / occupancies.

It does not matter what industry, location or building type that you have, the rules are the same. Some may not be enforced  or monitored as closely as they should be but they are still required. Fire and Building Codes are legal documents and while some jurisdictions treat them differently, they are still the law. We approach every job with the safety of your staff and visitors as being of paramount importance and treat every task as such.

Other services which have been provided to our clients include;

Consulting - Fire / Building Codes

Remediation after citation

OSHA Policies & Procedures

Emergency Eye Wash / Shower Inspections

Exit Sign Inspections

Emergency Light Inspections

Management / Safety Plans

If you need something and don't see it here, feel free to inquire. We would be more than happy to assist you in providing the service or providing a reference if we have one.

Dampers, Fire alarms, walls, doors and more

Just like rated barriers, doors of all types help with the containment of smoke and fire. Proper ratings, hardware, clearances, etc. are essential to let this process. Doors seem fairly mundane as they are everywhere but their importance and the large number of regulations for them make them highly important to maintain.


Our Services

Guardian has established partnerships with a number of other companies making us able to act as a single source for many compliance issues. This allows you to make one phone call and be able to close the loop with no additional headaches. Some of our partnerships include companies specializing in design, construction, HVAC, firestopping and sprinkler work.


It is extremely important to maintain your fire extinguishers so that they are ready for use if the need should arise. The Codes mandate a number of testing and inspection types and frequencies depending on the unit and hazard type. It is imperative to have a contractor who you can trust to manage your inventory.


The inspection, construction and proper sealing of smoke and fire barriers is essential for restricting the passage of smoke and fire. Proper maintenance of these barriers help to create compartments which allow time to evacuate, trap the fire and allow sprinklers, alarms and fire departments the time to do their jobs. 

Guardian goes above and beyond what most service providers do to ensure that ALL of your devices are tested correctly and on time. Fire alarm testing options include direct or as a sub-contractor. Sub-contracting jobs performed under our sister company ProtX.