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Its our specialty. We know exactly what it takes to meet Joint Commission and CMS requirements. Our consulting and inspection services will help you achieve the highest levels of compliance possible. NFPA Life Safety Code.

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Before (preferably!!), during or after give us a call to assist with any project. We have run into and assisted with many projects up to and including firestopping inspections and specifications, life safety drawings and commissioning of life safety systems. With our ability to help on so many levels, we can eliminate numerous headaches and save money and time for you and your client.


Regardless of industry, Fire and Building Codes (NFPA, IFC, IBC, State and Local) can be difficult and confusing to navigate. Let the experts at The Guardian Compliance Group assist you in maintaining the safest possible facility for employees and guests alike.

Fire protection is based on one simple premise - stop the spread of smoke and fire by compartmentalizing compartmentalizing buildings. Ideally by doing so, smoke and fire can be trapped within the affected area through the use of fire rated walls, doors and dampers. When all of these items work together damage can be minimized as alarms, sprinklers and the fire department have the opportunity to do their jobs saving both life and property. However, all of these items must be in proper working condition with no defects in order for everything to come together and provide such protection. This is why it is essential to maintain your building and have trusted, hard working partnerships with your contractors to ensure that everything is properly tested, maintained and recorded.